ReDi Restaurant Reservation Plug-In: a new booking system for your restaurant

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We tend to think that online reservations are exclusively for booking hotel rooms, seats on the plane or bus, or cinema seats, among others. But that was in the past because it is no longer necessary to have to call your restaurant to get a table because if you have the ReDi Restaurant Reservation Plug-In, it will allow your customers to make reservations online. They will be able to see the available space at any hour of the day or night, check if their favorite table is occupied in real-time, reserve their ideal section and enjoy their favorite food.

But what is the ReDi plug-in? Plug-ins are code components, which serve as a complement to websites, such as
WordPress, and are programmed in PHP, using HTML and JavaScript for the user interface. Because of them, you can implement anything, converting your blog into a complete e-commerce store or you increase your site visits without too much effort.
Adding this tool will allow securing a reservation from your website and increase the chances of boosting your business income. It's available in the following languages: Czech, Danish, German, English (American – British), French, Italian, Magyar, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Slovak, Hebrew, and Japanese, among others.
By purchasing the package, you can:

  • Control the status of your reservations from a mobile phone, tablet, or PC. Also, you can monitor the state of each table as the page is updated every 15 minutes, as well as see the reservations you have for the next day.
  • Control the maximum number of seats that can be made by one reservation to regulate the capacity of clients.
  • You can define the minimum time in which a reservation can be made. It's always beneficial to specify a reason in order for this reminder to keep your customers happy.
  • Automatic emails were sent to confirm the reservation made by the client.
  • Option to collect feedback, comments, or suggestions from your clients regarding their last
    visits. The primary online reservation package offered by ReDi Restaurant Reservation Plug-In can be obtained for 5 EUR per month. With this tool, you can calculate and record how things are going for your business and have a more significant influx of potential customers. At the same time, venturing into a new platform like this will allow you to save time and money, increasing your profits. With this reservation system, you will give your buyers a sample of the availability of your facilities and provide them with immediate confirmation of their reservation. These essential features will make your booking systems more efficient, getting this process done in record time. Give your clients a five stars service. Embedding this tool can also decrease the manual work of the company. Forget managing reservations manually by writing them down in a notebook, an archaic and unreliable system for the demands of the current age. An excellent online booking system like ReDi Restaurant.
Reservation Plug-In will automate the work giving your business an advantage over your competition. Another plus is that it gives you the information for creating a database with all your clients in one system. This function will help you analyze the backgrounds, preferences, and tastes of customers, like their favorite table or dish. A resource of great value if your principal goal is to keep the diners satisfied. Consider using this type of information to make your restaurant more demanding in the market. You have access to know which dishes are not delighting your clients and which ones they can't resist. With a quick glance in your web, the client will know if they will be comfortable in your restaurant, as they will be able to appreciate the available tables, the menu, specials of the day, and all the most outstanding information. Besides, the process is completed with the option of online payment, being an independent tool facilitating offline procedures.

The reservation system provided by the ReDi Restaurant Reservation Plug-In presents all these mentioned features and several more. Try the free version and have an excellent support center that solves problems quickly, even at peak hours, such as weekends and holidays. It's more than a booking platform; it is a complete online booking system. It allows you to manage all of the reservations made at your restaurant, not only those that are processed online.

Forget about an archaic system and get on board with an online organization practice. It holds everything you need to satisfy the customer and provide a complete experience without any obstacles. Go ahead and implement this system in your business. With this opportunity, you will get the chance of increasing sales and generate accessibility from any device. You won't need to hire a programmer to design a reservation system, Sergei places it at the tip of your fingers.