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About us
We have started my journey from producing and installing digital JukeBoxes to restaurants and pubs, thus we met the restaurant business from inside. We love to visit different restaurants occasionally, and that how we looked for business outside. As a client, we have faced many times with a reservation when we did a reservation over the phone and when arrived they have not registered me.
The same situation happened to me when we reserved a slot to change my car tires over the phone. When we arrived, they stated that we have not made my reservation, and we were not able to give them any evidence, as we did not have any confirmation in my hand. After that, we decided to change the situation and create an online reservation software.

We found that most restaurants choose as their home page WordPress engine. In addition, WordPress is a good platform to validate ideas. You just create any plugin and wait for people to install it and gives you feedback.
WordPress is installed into 26% of the world's websites and it's growing up
When I have created an online reservation portal, I started to find service providers and sell them reservation services, here in Estonia, but I was unable to find them. Most of the service providers questioned us about how popular our website is and declining to sign up. But without service providers, there is no point to invite clients. So I get into the chicken or egg trap.
Then we have started to look into other possibilities where on how to get service providers we came with an idea to write a plugin for WordPress. WordPress is installed into 26% of the world's websites and it's growing up. Among the different types of businesses. This is a huge market for reservation plugins. So we wrote a plugin for WordPress.
Our plugin is one of the most downloadable and recommended plugins for restaurant businesses. It is highly ranked and we do our best to get it with maximum quality. We tend to answer any question or reply to any issue within 1 day. We have several restaurants with Michelin star that chooses ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin. At the moment more than 80 000 reservation was made with help of our plugin, and the number of monthly reservation continues to grow. Plugin translated into 16 languages.
The most valuable feature of ReDi Restaurant Reservation is that it automatically displays available seats, accepts reservations,s and sends instant confirmation. All that removes manual reservation verification and confirmation and removes reservation conflicts.
Restaurants can define their open times, custom fields they want to collect when to accept early and late bookings.